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Hoosier Daddy Oils is looking for retailers to stock our products! If you own a business that sells personal care products and want to add Hoosier Daddy Oils products to your shelves we want you!

Our products are a great addition to businesses like barber shops, stores specializing in natural products, specialty shops, and more!

Reasons to Become a Hoosier Daddy Oils Retailer

There are many reasons to become a Hoosier Daddy Oils retailer, especially if you are a small business owner and want to offer your customers more natural organic products.

Here are just a few of the top reasons to sell Hoosier Daddy Oils in your store:

  • Great profit margins with up to 250% markup
  • Offer customers 100% natural organic handcrafted products
  • Low to no up front inventory investment
  • Rustic style displays make your counter or shelves stand out
  • Get listed on Hoosier Daddy Oils’ website as an official retailer

With consumers becoming or aware of the products they buy, offering them a natural organic option for beard care and personal care will make you stand out from competitors.

How to Become a Retailer

We have two options to help you become a retailer and start selling our natural organic products to your customers.

Hoosier Daddy Oils Wholesale Natural Products

With our wholesale option, you can purchase our products in bulk at wholesale price and keep your shelves stocked with 100% natural organic products. Offer your customers premium quality hand-crafted beard oils and earn a great profit!

To become a retailer with our wholesale option, click on the “Buy Wholesale” button below to submit your application.

To purchase wholesale, retailers must have a physical storefront. Online retailers will not be approved.

Sell Hoosier Daddy Oils on Consignment

We understand the struggle of running a small business and making sure you put your money where it matters. Our consignment options allows you to do just that.

With a Hoosier Daddy Oils consignment agreement, we will supply you with small batches of our products including displays with no up-front costs. You sell the products and pay us afterward! It’s that simple!

While the profit margins are much lower with our consignment option, there is absolutely no upfront cost!

Retailers who want to take advantage of the consignment option must have a physical storefront and must be in business for a minimum of 2 years.

Ready to become a Hoosier Daddy Oils Retailer?

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