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5 Tips to Grow a Healthy Beard

If you’re sporting a beard, you know that it takes a little extra effort to keep it looking and feeling its best. While growing a beard can be easy, maintaining it can be a challenge. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some essential tips for beard care to help you keep your beard looking healthy, clean, and well-groomed.

Wash your beard regularly

Just like the hair on your head, your beard needs to be washed regularly to keep it clean and free of dirt and bacteria. It’s recommended to wash your beard every 2-3 days with a mild shampoo or beard-specific wash. Avoid using regular soap, as it can dry out your beard and skin, leading to irritation and flakiness.

Use a beard oil or balm

Beard oil or balm is a crucial part of beard care. It helps to moisturize and condition the hair, keeping it soft and healthy. It also helps to nourish the skin beneath the beard, preventing issues such as dryness, itching, and beardruff (dandruff in the beard). Applying beard oil or balm daily will also help to tame flyaways and make your beard easier to style.

Our selection of beard oils and beard balms can help you build a great build care routine while keeping away from any chemicals or additives that can damage your hair. Visit our shop to see our selection of beard oils and balms.

Comb and brush your beard regularly

Combing and brushing your beard regularly helps to distribute the natural oils from your skin and beard oil/balm evenly throughout your beard. This will keep your beard moisturized and reduce tangles and knots. Use a comb or brush specifically designed for beards to prevent pulling or damaging the hair.

When choosing the right comb or brush for your beard, keep in mind that not all brushes and combs are right for facial hair.

Brushes made with synthetic material or plastic can cause static build up which can be damaging to your facial hair. A beard brush made with natural bristles such as our natural boar bristle beard brush found in our beard grooming kit, is the best choice.

Plastic combs can also cause static build up as well as tug and pull at your facial hair pulling them out along with the roots. Most standard combs are too thin and flimsy and bend easily which can result in more damage than maintenance. A wooden comb is sturdy and does not create static, making it the best choice for grooming your beard or mustache. Most beard combs have two sides, a narrow-tooth side, and a wide-tooth side to help manage a wide variety of beards and mustaches. You can find a handmade pearwood beard comb in our beard grooming kit.

Trim your beard regularly

Trimming your beard regularly is essential to maintain its shape and keep it looking neat and tidy. Depending on the length and style of your beard, you may need to trim it every 2-4 weeks. Use scissors or clippers specifically designed for beards and take your time to avoid cutting off too much hair.

While you can use trimming scissors or an electric beard trimmer, Hoosier Daddy Oils recommends using our 100% stainless steel trimming scissors or a similar pair. You can find our trimming scissors in our beard grooming kit.

While electric trimmers are faster, trimming scissors offer more precision are safer for your facial hair. Blades from electric devices may get snagged and pull at your hair tearing it from the root while scissors are gentle and easier to hone in on single stray hairs.

Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle

Your diet and lifestyle can have a significant impact on the health of your beard. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals can help to promote healthy hair growth and prevent issues such as dryness and breakage. Exercise and adequate sleep can also help to improve overall beard health.

If you are trying to grow your beard for the first time or want a fuller thicker beard, adding more B vitamins to your diet will increase your chances. You can also add more testosterone producing foods to your diet such as fatty fish, eggs, and dark leafy greens can also help promote healthy beard growth.

Fitness can also play a role in a healthy beard growth routine. Adding exercises such as squats, rows, and chest presses also help increase your testosterone levels which help promote healthy beard growth.


In conclusion, taking care of your beard requires a little extra effort, but the results are well worth it. Regular washing, conditioning, combing, trimming, and a healthy lifestyle can help to keep your beard looking and feeling its best. So, invest in some quality beard products and start taking care of your beard today!

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